Does Cure Times and Melt Temps Matter?

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Does the amount of time a candle cures and the temps at which fragrance are added matter?

The short answer is absolutely yes.  Most candle companies now use a low temp method which causes several issues.  First and foremost it causes a binding issues.  While a binding issue is serious, it also means that no amount of fragrance or wick type will make a difference in your finished product.  The other binding issue will be after cure time the fragrance oil will come to the surface which is money right down the drain, just go ahead and throw it away.  

The second is cure time, as a candle industry veteran of over 13 years, yes cure time does make a significant difference if your candles are made properly and use correct wicks from the beginning.  If you light a soy candle that was made yesterday, today and let it burn side by side of a cured 1-2 week candle It will 1) Have a weaker throw  2) Will burn considerably faster.

Here at Maple Hill Candle Company we use a high heat, quick cool technology, that allows us to have impeccable fragrance throws while keeping industry leading burn times.  

What exactly does high heat do?  First and foremost it allows all of our fragrance oils to bind to our soy wax as we use a 14% fragrance load, that most veterans know is hard to attain in soy candles.  Second is where it counts, at the temps we mix our fragrance in could cause serious issues with burn off.  Burn off is the rate at which fragrance expels from the candle during the cooling process.  As said we use a quick cool  technology that we developed just for our use.  At 120 degrees it takes a typical candle 1-3 hours to cool.  Our technology takes less then 30 minutes, once hard the wicks are immediately trimmed and lids put on to cure for 1-2 weeks.  Once cured we will apply a heat gun to the surface to smooth any imperfections, package and send off to our customers forever home.

We know there are tons of conflicting reports on how to do this properly, we encourage you to try for yourself.  Just remember you must have proper fragrance loads, correct wick sizing before curing or not will effect fragrance throw and burn rates.   

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