The Perfect Gift 

Maple Hill has created a truly unique experience with Melt Me's.  We have created our own Maple Leaf molds, sourced soy wax that is grown in the Mid-Western United States, and is vegan friendly.  Melt Me's come packaged in a zip bag inside a cotton drawstring bag, the bag is bio-degradable or simply re-use for a purse pouch or cosmetics.  



*APPLE PIE- Your mothers apple pie fresh out of the oven!

A RIVERS EDGE- This scent is a blend of fresh greens and bright citrus. It has notes of bergamot, lemon, mint, green tea, rose, lily, amber, moss, and violet

*BOOTS AND PEARLS- Rich leather & Creamy Vanilla 

*BUTT NAKED- Pineapple & orange with a nice warm beach breeze 

*COWGIRL KISSES- Sunkissed cranberries and rich leather.  

*CRANBERRY LANE- Refreshing and warm spiced cranberry

*HELLO BEAUTIFUL- Fragrant with green limes, juicy oranges, a little excitement with a hint of sea air.

*HIGH NOON- Rich leather from the wild, wild west.

*JAMAICA ME CRAZY- Jamaica brought to your door, coconut, banana, with a splash of rum.  

*LEMONGRASS SAGE- This refreshing blend of citrusy lemon and wild sage is sure to wake up your senses

*LONESTAR LAVENDER- A sweet floral field of lavender

*MAPLE PECAN- This warm, enticing scent contains a blend of rich Canadian maple syrup and West Texas pecans. 

*MOUNTAIN MEMORIES- A refreshing mountain pine fragrance.

*PADRE ISLAND BOURBON- Just imagine sun, sand, and coconut & bourbon swirling in the fresh gulf of Mexico beach breeze!

*SOUTHERN NIGHTS- Gentle dusky breeze, tobacco, earthiness, and amazing friends.  

*SUNSHINE & MINT- Tangy grapefruit fused with garden-fresh mint.  

*WATERMINT & CLEMENTINE- Ripe Florida oranges blended with mint and agave.  

*WISTERIA LANE-  Front porch sitting, sweet tea-sipping, wisteria bushes blooming!  


Three Times

Three Times means more for your money and an astounding fragrance throw while not sacrificing quality.  

How to Use

Open your organic cotton bag, place several maple leaves in your wax/tart warmer, turn on, kick back and relax. To remove wax from your wax warmer place, several cotton balls into warm wax and soak up the liquid wax and properly dispose.  

We're Giving Back

We donate 5% of our monthly revenue to Alcoholism Recovery Non Profits, as it is part of our mission for our loved ones, friends or even foes deserve a fighting chance.