Our History

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Our History beings with  history of alcoholism, addiction and recovery.   First we need to go way back to about 2006 when Joseph started his first candle company and it had to close due to his addiction, then fast forward to 2008 when a friend said he herd and advertisement on the radio for the old company, to which Joseph said it was not possible.  Throughout the coming week Joseph seen  verse Philippians 4:13 over three times and he started to get the hint.  After much deliberation he resumed operation of that candle company.  Fast forward 7 years of sobriety and recovery that company was sold to a family member. That closed a chapter in Joseph's life and he wishes them nothing but the upmost success in carrying on his first candle company vision.


Joseph Soon got married, moved to Texas and has a kid on the way!  Exciting times he says.  Joseph ultimately decided to start another candle company and this is how we arrived at Maple Hill Candle Company, Maple Hill is the name of the Dairy Farm in Virginia that Joseph spent many of a summers on.  Joseph says Maple hill is the accumulation of his life in the candle industry.  he hopes that he can share his recovery story through the fragrances and unique collections.  From our fall line which reminds him of fall in the Mountains or Padre Island Bourbon named and mixed after Padre Island, Tx.  We hope you enjoy our lines as much as we do!   As of the writing of this post Joseph has 8+ years of solid recovery and has a vision of employing folks in recovery to help give them a starting hand.