You may be wondering exactly who we are!

Our Business:  

Maple Hill Candle Company

This organic soy candle brand began humbly after years of alcohol addiction and recovery. It is our mission to provide our strength, experience, and hope to you all. Maple Hill holds many fond memories of Joseph's childhood, sitting under the willow tree next to a ford truck or sitting in the kitchen with Granddaddy with the smell of freshly baked pies in the oven. When browsing our fragrances, you may see alcohol-inspired fragrances; these fragrances are meant to embody Joseph's history with alcoholism. We strive to tell a story that had high and low moments. Our Christmas lines are intended to remind folks of their time around the Christmas Tree or those large or small holiday gatherings. You might see a bourbon fragrance. Joseph says that time was a little bit hazy. Maple Hill is a cumulation of Joseph's life and history. It is not another candle filled with wax, fragrance, and a wick; to Joseph, that candle represents hope, determination, and resilience. Joseph has over 13 years in the candle industry, blazing the way for non-dyed candles with industry leading burn times.   

We also strive to provide customer service that goes well beyond the norms. You will become family, and we want to treat you that way! Feel free to message us on any social platform we have. Call or text Joseph literally any time at 432-530-1240. You can also email him directly at for any questions or concerns!

We look forward to answering any questions you may have.   

As of the writing of this page Joseph has celebrated over 8 years of continued sobriety.  His ultimate goal with Maple Hill is to provide our customers with the absolute best candle that can be made.  Our second goal is to employ folks in recovery while giving them something to work toward and feel accomplished in.