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Rich leather & Creamy Vanilla 



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    I came across these can candles at a "Rust and Ruffles" trade show and fell in love with them. I have purchased many of the scents but I think my favorite is Boots and Pearls. I recommend Maple Hill to anyone I talk to about candles.
    Thanks for such a GREAT product.

    About This Fragrance

    It is custom designed just for Maple Hill Candle Company by Maple Hill Candle Company using all essential oils

    About Maple Hill

    From the Farm lands of Virginia to the Appalachian Mountains, West Texas to Nebraska, to North Carolina and Beyond our 

    fragrances are our travels and experiences.  We invite you to not just take a journey with us, but be part of who we are.  With years of candle experience and sobering life experience

    we donate a portion of our monthly profits to alcohol/addiction related non-profits. 

    Our Wicks

    You never know what you have until it's gone, especially a soy candle with two custom cotton wicks.

    Our Glass

    Designed by a USA company, our glass is thick, heavy, and well it's what your suppose to use with a candle. 

    Our Soy Candles

    We have been in the candle industry over 13 years., so we know what we are doing.  We would like to think we do not overthink our products, but who are we kidding; of course we do because perfection for YOU is what we do the best.  We do not use any other fancy packaging (it's bad for the environment)

    Who Are We?

    We are a company half owned by a U.S. Navy Veteran & a recovering alcoholic.  We promise we are all clean cut, well mannered, and considering we own a candle company, we do not stink.  

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